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KONG24 - October 11 to 18, 2014


Bjarne Mjelde, OJ Sagdahl, Arnstein Bue, Tore Johnny Bråtveit

Receiver summary:
Bjarne: NetSDR, 2 x Perseus SDR
2 x Perseus SDR
Arnstein: 2 x Perseus SDR
Tore Johnny: Excalibur G31DDC, 2 x Excalibur Pro G33DDC


18-OCT-2014 @ 18:00 UTC
KONG24 is officially over. Fortunately the disks are full with lots of stuff from KONG24 and the weeks before, so it will keep us busy. And it's only 10,5 months till we are back ;-)
Thank you for the company & keep on listening!


17-OCT-2014 @ 18:00 UTC
Last full day at KONG24. Tomorrow is departure day for Tore Johnny and OJ. Arnstein has alreday left (Tuesday) because of important business. We arrived in nice fall weather and leave in winter. The 7 photos above show the Veines lighthouse around noon the last 7 days. Signals were up around 4 UTC this morning, but after that the band has been very noisy. The same applied for Asia and Pacific during the day and afternoon. We are hoping for a good last night, but realize that this may be a bit optimistic.

Today is reindeer day - see more in Bjarne's blog later tonight!

16-OCT-2014 @ 22:00 UTC
Significant improvement! Reasonable signals from midnight UTC and particularly the graveyards were productive. 1450 had none of the dominants save WPGG-NJ early in the night on the 310 antenna. Between 6 and 7 UTC KGIW-CO and KNOT-AZ were up with very nice and clear signals. Noisy band during the day, but after 12 UTC KUAM 630 and KTWG 801 had good signals.

Tonight was the annual dinner at Kongsfjord Gjestehus. Bjarne has the full report - http://arcticdx.blogspot.no/2014/10/kong24-day-six.html

15-OCT-2014 @ 21:00 UTC
Not much exciting the last few days. Last night was very disturbed and even though there were some signals here and there the overall resut was quite mediocre. Worth noting was WSOY-IL 1340, KTBZ-OK 1430 and WBEX-OH 1490. Yesterday gave a few new stations - of particular interest was KELY Ely NV 1230. Nothing interesting from Asia or Pacific. Except from this we keep busy by listening to the interesting recordings from September. Also - today is Bjarne's 40th anniversary as NA-DXer - see Bjarne's blog for his anniversary post! Leave a congratulation!

13-OCT-2014 @ 22:00 UTC
Quite uneventful day despite quite a lot of signals. Most interesting was Tonga 1017 and Kiribati 1440 that came in very nice early in the day. Unfortunatey we did not get much more from Pacific. From NA the signals stayed throughout the day, but nothing exciting. Maybe tomorrow?

12-OCT-2014 @ 04:00 UTC
KONG24 is now officially started! Bjarne arrived Friday 10 and ABU, TJ & OJ arrived yesterday. Conditions have been varying quite a lot since we left in September, with some very good periods towards KS and its neighbors. So in case conditions turn out to be lousy during KONG24 there will be a lot of interesting recordings to listen to! Friday 10 had given the first New Zealand loggings of the season but that was the end of it. Saturday 11 was uneventful, but as this is written Sunday morning conditions are recovering. You can see an overview of the signal spectrum from the 310 and 340 antennas in Kongsfjord here:


The z.gif images are updated every 15 minutes and saved every day @ 18:00 CET.

Last weekend we all went to Kongsfjord to put up the antennas and install the remote listening equipment for the winter. Everything went as planned and all antennas are now up and apparently working well (see antenna page for details). Equipment-wise we are more or less at the same level as before with 2 PCs each, recording from 2 or 3 antennas at the same time. A newcomer is the Intel NUC, a very nice, small and quiet PC - but unfortuantely it has its issues that created significant challenges for our use of it. But we believe everything is resolved now.

Interesting signals were non-existent due to the high proton level. We are looking forward to lower proton levels so that we can confirm that the antennas work as well as they look!

See more about the current action at Veines in Bjarne's blog.