Kongsfjord - 7043'N 2921'E

Logs and reports

KONG34 2017, September 7th to 11th, Weblog

KONG33 2016, October 28th to November 6th, Weblog

KONG32 2016, September 8th to 12th

KONG31 2015, October 16th to 25th, Weblog

KONG30 2015, September 3rd to 7th, Weblog
(the KONG-expeditions have been renumbered to include the 5 Arctic DX Summits - ADXS)

KONG24 2014, October 11th to 19th, Weblog

KONG23 2013, October 11th to 19th, Weblog

KONG22 2012, October 12th to 21st, Weblog

KONG21 2011, October 14th to 22nd, Weblog

KONG20 2010, October 15th to 24th, Weblog

KONG19 2009, October 16th to 25th, Weblog + OJS  log (all winter)

KONG18 2008, October 17th to 26th, Weblog

KONG17 2007, October 12th to 24th, Weblog

KONG16 2006, October 25th to November 2nd, Weblog

KONG15 2006, October 13th to 25th, Weblog

KONG14 2006, October 5th to 13th, Weblog

KONG13 2005, October 13th to 25th, Log, Report

KONG12 2005, October 7th to 13th, Log, Report

KONG11 2004, October 21st to 27th Log, Report

KONG10 2004, October 15th to 19th Log, Report

KONG9 2003, November 5th to 10th Log, Report

KONG8 2003, October 8th to 13th Log, Report

KONG7 2002, October 17th to 22nd Log, Report  

KONG6 2001, October 12th to 19th Log, Report, Menu

KONG5 2000, October 12th to 17th Log, Report

KONG4 1999, October 21st to 26th Log, Report

KONG3 1998, October 2nd to 7th Log, Report

KONG2 1997, October 16th to 21st Log, Report

KONG1 1997, January 25th to 29th Log, Report