Kongsfjord - 70°43'N 29°21'E

Arnstein Bue, Trondheim, Norway

Click on the pictures above to see a better photo of Arnstein's receivers (left) 
and impressive map (right) of almost 400 verified Latin-American radio stations 
(red = medium wave stations, black = short wave stations)

Born 1963 - started DX-ing 1978

Number of KONG-expeditions: 15

Happily married to Heidi since 1989. Two boys - Mikael (1988) and Benjamin (1992).
Works as a sales director in a local branch of an IT company (Informatikk AS).

Blog: http://dxparadise.blogspot.com/ 

Other interests:


Receiver(s) at home location:

Etón E1 JRC NRD-525G .

2 x Icom IC-R75 (Kiwa-mod.)

2 x RF Space SDR-IQ .

Antenna(s) at home location:


... ...

Other relevant equipment:

Recording devices: Sony MZ-NH1 and Sony MZ-R909 minidiscs, iRiver iFP-799 MP3 recorder, TotalRecorder

Best logging(s) at home location:

HOBB Radio BB, Panamá 1240 (1984), KHEY El Paso TX 690 (1997) , 
WAJR Morgantown WV 1440 (1997)

Best logging(s) at KONG-expedition:

Radio Fiji 684/1152 (2004), Radio Kiribati 846 (2004), 
A3Z Radio Tonga 1017 (2004), V7AB Radio Marshalls 1098 (2004)